That Time I Saw A UFO

Jun 2, 2013

When you go to college in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by corn fields and the occasional hog farm, you should know that aliens seem to prefer that type of terrain for scaring the shit out of you.

Those small town Liberal Arts schools are fantastic, and are totally worth going to, but if you go, don’t say I didn’t warn you.  It’s when you least expect it that a giant light in the sky will try to beam you up.  I know, because it happened to me.

Well, that’s an exaggeration.  It didn’t try to beam us up so much as we were just terrified that it would.

One night, a friend and I were driving back from The Big City, where we’d lived the big life by going to a Target and a Taco Bell, when we saw a bright light moving in the sky in front and above us.  Nothing seemed off at first, but  it kept getting bigger and bigger and on a path that seemed to be heading straight towards us.

Now, at this point, we thought it was a plane.  A little plane doing a flyover, then a big plane that must’ve been off course, then an even bigger plane coming in for an emergency landing, using the freeway lights as a landing strip.

That’s when curiosity turned into panic.  I’d seen enough emergency landings on the news to know that I didn’t want to be on the “landing strip” (I mean, duh).  But should I stay on the road or veer off?  Keep driving or stop?  The light got massive, and before I could make a decision, it shot to the right of us.  Just like that.  All the way over to the right of us, and then back up a bit.  And then it shot in another direction.  And then more lights lit up in a row under the main light.

And the panic turned to fear.  Blinding fear.  Because that was obviously NOT a plane.

It had taken about five minutes for the light to descend, then just a few seconds for it to shoot around.  While we watched it hovering, it suddenly shot off into the distance like a shooting star, its light leaving a streak in the sky.

I shit you not.

The rest of the drive back to school, my friend and I tried to convince ourselves that the government must’ve been testing out some secret new flying machine.  But when the only open parking spaces meant we had to walk a LONG way back to the dorm, we huddled against each other, terrified that light was going to come back and beam us up so there weren’t any witnesses left behind.

We are both still alive and haven’t had any other UFO experiences (as far as we know), so whatever it was in the sky that night didn’t deem us worth the trouble of picking up.  In retrospect, the whole things seems a little silly.  But it was REAL.  If God created the Earth and us humans, then he certainly could’ve created other beings in other places.  After seeing what I did, I’m open to the possibility.

And, no, I was not high or drunk.  Not that time.

So the next time your out in the middle of nowhere and you see a star start to get bigger and brighter and closer until, finally, you think it’s going to crash into the earth right where you are, remember my story and run for your life.  It could be an asteroid or a plane, but it’s probably a UFO.  And you might not be as lucky as me with the whole beaming up thing.

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  1. Whoa……..just, whoa.
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  2. Glad you weren’t stolen, or we’d all have been cheated out of years of humour. But seriously, since you lived to tell the tale, how COOL is that?