Sometimes You Just Need A Freakin Leash

Aug 15, 2011

A friend of a friend was stopped at the mall and told that she was a horrible mother for having her twin toddler sons on leashes.  She was so shocked and upset that she didn’t say a thing.

I WISH that would happen to me so I could open a can of whoop-ass on the busybody stupid enough to meddle in my business.  I’d send her home crying.

Chasing after one toddler is hard enough, let alone TWO of them.  And even if you’re eagle eyeing your kid while firmly grasping their hand, when a toddler’s attention gets distracted by something, they suddenly have super human strength and can rip their hand from yours and be 100 feet away in a matter of seconds.  Parents of twins know that means two kids running in opposite directions.

And screw the whole psychological aspect of it.  That poor kid is more likely to be messed up from a stranger berating his mom in public than from being held back by a leash from running away and/or reeking havoc.

So kudos to any parent that feels they need to use a leash to keep their children safe, because they know their child’s antics better than some old bat walking by at the mall.  Better safe than sorry.


John Lennon with son Julian
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  1. I so agree with you! When I first arrived in the US and saw a mother holding her toddler by a leash, I was perplexed. But believe me, after seeing how many toddlers behave and how fast they can be, I became a huge fan of the leash! I don’t have kids yet, but I do intend to have one of those to keep them as close as I can to me. Better have a child on a leash than having her run over by a car or even drawn in a pool. I know some people say: “you just need to watch them better” but kids are fast. So yes, I agree with you!!!
    Ps. Love the new blog layout.
    Elaine (Nani) recently posted..Fotos!!!My Profile

  2. I KNOW. I have friends that said that leash saved their sanity. That lady is lucky she didn’t get punched in the mouth for spouting her opinion when nobody asked for it.

    And she totally would have. If that had been me.
    briya recently posted..Why do people go to BlogHer? {The picture heavy addition}My Profile

  3. Kara



    P.S. Love the picture!

  4. I have done my best to not use leashes, but … that doesn’t mean I haven’t. Mister Man is on the spectrum and an “oooo shiny” kid who will dart and wander and not even realize he isn’t with us anymore. That’s really scary at say Disney or a State Fair. We’ve grown past that point, and I think I only used the leashes once or twice, but I’m grateful that I did because they are safe with me today. And we used the fun backpack leashes where they pretended they were monkeys and I held their tails. Is that so different from holding hands? Whatever. And yes, at 6 and 7, we still hold hands everywhere we go for the most part. That stopping and thinking before we run across the street? They’ve both proven that instinct hasn’t developed yet.
    Michelle recently posted..Tasty Tuesday – S’mores CookiesMy Profile

  5. I never used a leash, but I would never judge someone who did. That’s for sure. Hey, in this day and age? You do what you have to to keep your kid in sight. Too many nutcases out there.
    sheila recently posted..Doing things the old-fashioned way. You know, like in the 70′s!My Profile

  6. I’m a twin and I can attest to my mother’s love and relief over the existence of these leashes when we were kids. She bought them after we were at the beach once and we RAN INTO someone’s first-floor apartment. My sister and I were little terrors with a ton of energy, and I don’t even remember the leashes, so I can’t say it had any kind of long-term emotional damage. Sometimes people say they’re against things without really thinking about it.
    Danielle recently posted..My Heart is Yellow as an Ear of CornMy Profile

  7. Adoro essa coleira…deveria ser mais usada…
    Saudades de vocês…

  8. *OPENING CAN OF CRAZY LADY* Yeah. Leashes are SO high on my list of Totally Awesome Parental Necessities. If the busy body never had a child who ran away, without a backwards glance, then she should be thanking the heavens…not chewing out women who aren’t that lucky! (Coming from the woman who lost her son in the mall for 20 minutes.)

    Besides – kids don’t know they’re dog leashes!! They’re just the leash that keeps you close to Mommy. I mean, seriously. If my kid asked “why”, I wouldn’t say, “because I think you are as dumb as a dog and intend on treating you as such until you are old enough to stop me.”

    Man, that was fun. ;-) *mwah*

    PS – I never EVER needed a leash for my first. Only a stroller, because she was too heavy to carry. Even at 4, she is invisibly tethered to me, and freaks out if she can’t see me. My second…not so much. Since I’ve added him to the family, we have purchased: 1 new umbrella stroller, 2 new double strollers, 4 new ways of “wearing” him and 1 new leash. None of them are particularly effective, so we just don’t go anywhere. Although, the Baby Ergo is my favorite so far for ease of storage when not in use, relatively slim profile (ahem) when IN use (smaller than a stroller, right??!) and comfort DURING use. The end.
    Aunt LoLo recently posted..The Best View in the HouseMy Profile

  9. And it really depends how parents USE the leash. Using it to yank on the kid = not cool. Using it to stay WITH the kid = priceless. And NO ONE crosses between you and your leashed child. But it’s crazy how many people cluelessly walk between a frazzled mother trying to follow her runaway toddler. I HATE those brief fractions-of-a-second where my line-of-sight is interrupted when my child isn’t hanging onto me. So I used a leash to let my baby run free. I followed her around, rather than tugging her to stay with me. Except in parking lots. Yank away! Anything to keep them safe!
    Ludicrous Mama recently posted..Hell Week 2: Revenge of the LunchMy Profile

  10. I couldn’t agree with you more. I wish I would have had my two small children on leashes twenty plus years ago. You know the age…they love to run away from you in stores. My daughter was almost abducted by a stranger who picked her up. Great post!
    JoDee Luna recently posted..Sweet SummertimeMy Profile

  11. Just a few days ago i was on a blog that was blasting the use of these and all the commenters did not hold back. I was so tempted to comment, but after two weeks fighting a cold, my resistance was low and figured the backlash from the naysayers was more than i wanted to deal with.
    But …
    i flew to Heathrow with my little one and a ton of baggage – alone
    for three weeks – alone
    after watching ‘Deep End of the Ocean’ and ‘In Dreams’
    scary movies with missing kids …
    after 3 episodes of nursemaids elbow when i wasn’t even holding her hand

    My kids eat everything, read well, get great grades, have impeccable manners, have yet to be in therapy and are happy souls … guess they mentally blocked the ‘anguish of the leash’ ;)
    By Word of Mouth Musings recently posted..Down the AisleMy Profile

  12. Betsy

    I bought a couple for my grandson. We can be walking along holding hands and poof,he pulls away and darts off. I am still pretty spry but it has to do with reaction time. As a mother it was split second. As a Gramma, not so much. Plus they are little backpacks and he can put a car in it. Yes to the leash and those who don’t llike it, like those who don’t like breastfeeding. Mind your own business. Please.